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Member Spotlight | Digital Resource

on May 20, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: Providing companies with custom online marketing strategies for business growth.

Founded: 2014

HQ: Downtown West Palm Beach

Employees: 125



The digital marketing landscape is the most complicated it has been since the dawn of social media. Facebook’s removal of certain ad targeting options coupled with Apple’s new anti-tracking privacy features have brought uncertainty to the space.

For the last eight years, West Palm Beach-based Digital Resource has been a trusted resource for companies looking to up their marketing game.

While Digital Resource works with businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industries, their typical client is a small to medium-sized business. They specialize in a few industries in particular, including medical services, franchising, and home services. Often, customers come to Digital Resource when they are looking to increase their lead flow and fine-tune how they present themselves online.

Since the pandemic, Digital Resource has been on a supercharged growth trajectory. The company reports that they have been increasing their revenues by $4-5 million each year. They also acquired their first agency, a Nashville-based marketing shop, last month. This growth, combined with an acquisition or two each year over the next few years, puts the company on track to increase their annual revenue from $11 million to $50 million within five years.

Shay Berman

“West Palm Beach plays a great role in that growth,” Digital Resource founder and president Shay Berman told South Florida Tech Hub. “It’s a central base to pull talent from north and south.”

“And it’s a growing city,” continued Berman. “We hope to be a part of the positive transition of West Palm from a small to medium city to a large city.”

Berman also expressed excitement about the rise of South Florida’s tech scene. “There’s high quality talent in the area,” he said, noting that technologists from the southern end of the region are increasingly moving to Palm Beach. 

He explained that Digital Resource has benefited from the national and international trend of people wanting to move to our region. “The talent pool is growing on its own by people flowing here to live, and we’ve been able to take advantage of it by being a great option for them as they come into the state.”

When it comes to helping younger companies and startups chart out their most efficient digital marketing strategy, Berman advises that they find the right partner who understands how their business works first and foremost. Then they can try to implement the right marketing pieces. The other way around leads to disaster, he said. 

“The biggest reason why marketing fails is that marketers try to make a specific service or type of marketing fit the business. You have to understand the business, its growth, and how people would engage with it – and market to that.”

Berman underscores that social media is key to digital marketing success. “There are a hundred plus reasons to use social media as a business,” he said. “And you have to first understand why you’re using social media, and connect that to your business’s goals.”

Member Spotlight | Digital Resource