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Member Spotlight | Dedicated IT

on April 4, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: Providing trusted IT support and technology solutions, with a focus on the healthcare industry.

Established in its current form: 2016

HQ: Lake Park, FL

Employees: 90



Gartner forecasts that worldwide IT spending will increase upwards of 5% this year, coming in at a projected total of $4.5 trillion. Healthcare providers in particular are expected to increase their spending by approximately the same amount, growing to $136 billion. 

Dedicated IT is far from your typical managed service provider. The Lake Park-based company focuses on serving healthcare providers, both locally and nationally. 

Dedicated IT is very active in South Florida, working with some of our high-profile medical practices such as MD Now Urgent Care, the Cleveland Clinic in Vero, and United Surgical Partners International. The company is also experiencing significant growth, having grown its revenue by 10x since 2016.

Chris Burns

Chris Burns, Dedicated IT’s Managing Partner & CXO, broke down some of the trends that have led to the growth of the healthcare IT market.

For one, the pandemic has pushed healthcare providers to embrace digital technologies like telemedicine. Burns described these providers’ decisions to take go digital as akin to ripping off the proverbial band aid. “A lot of people who were not ready to make a move to a digital system or do what was required to make remote work possible were really forced to make those decisions.”

Burns explained how evolving expectations in a post-pandemic world required healthcare providers to rethink their business processes, such as allowing staff to work from home and enabling doctors to see patients remotely.

Another major trend Burns highlighted is cybersecurity. Ransomware alone is expected to cost businesses $20 billion globally, with the average breach costing $4.37 million according to IBM research.

Burns explained to South Florida Tech Hub that cybersecurity insurance, which has historically been one of the most popular ways to mitigate cybersecurity risk, is now a less viable option. “Cybersecurity insurance carriers are no longer writing policies anymore to cover near the amount that they used to. They require all kinds of new criteria and process changes – all of which has become a burden on the practice.”

Dedicated IT takes pride in helping its customers protect themselves and their data while they scale their digital transformation efforts. Their key differentiator? According to CEO Aaron Underhill, it’s their specialization that shines through: “We know them. We’re not just an IT company that can fix their issues. We understand their business and the problems they encounter.”

Aaron Underhill

Aaron Underhill

Underhill gave the example of their healthcare specialty. Because they have upwards of 30 orthopaedic clients, the Dedicated IT team knows exactly the software and hardware necessary to drive their business goals.

Burns added that Dedicated IT’s data-driven approach makes them stand out. “Our customers like to see benchmarking data that shows clients where they stand against their peers. It’s hard to argue against data when we can bring accuracy like that to the table.”

Are you a healthcare provider looking for help managing your IT systems? Learn more about Dedicated IT’s services on their website.

Member Spotlight | Dedicated IT