Oct 15, 2021

Member Spotlight | Angelus Advisors


Mission: Serve as a trusted advisor to help businesses find and implement the most appropriate and effective enterprise resource planning systems.

Launched: 2017

HQ: Miami

Employees: 3

Website: AngelusAdvisors.com

The days of pen and paper were already numbered in early 2020, but the pandemic has served as a definitive push for businesses to digitize their operations. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems play a key role in enabling companies to integrate a wide range of business functions into digital tools. 

These efficiency gains are no longer nice-to-haves, but are rather necessities for running a business in 2021. This is a big business: Oracle notes that the market size for ERP software is “in a phase of rapid expansion,” and expects the total market size to exceed $50 billion by 2024.

There is a wide range of solutions for companies – from tools streamlining the administration of human resources to financial management software. While the abundance of options is positive for consumers, it can be difficult for leaders to make the right decision about what software is best for their company at any given time.

Angelus Advisors’ ERP Implementation Specialists, Natasja Lherisson Vega and Landy Morales.

That’s where Tony Velasquez steps in. He and his team at Angelus Advisors are the trusted advisors for some of America’s most prominent companies, including Ryder, Papa John’s Pizza and PGA of America. They help businesses determine which ERP platforms fit their needs, outlining a game plan to help them procure and implement the software that is right for them.

“My objective is to take a client from point A to point Z,” Velasquez told South Florida Tech Hub. “We help them configure the system, identify their needs and requirements. Then we help build it, test it, and deploy it.”

At the moment, Angelus Advisors primarily consults on projects involving Workday, an industry-standard ERP platform used by more than 55 million workers worldwide. The platform enables companies to bring core activities like payroll, recruitment, and time tracking to the cloud.

“I’m focused on Workday because I’ve been working in that ecosystem for almost ten years now,” Velasquez said, noting that he started by working for a few implementation consultancies, including one bought by Aon Hewitt. However, Velasquez and team advise on a wide range of ERP systems, including smaller platforms like Paycor and NetSuite. 

In 2017, Velasquez decided to make the switch to building his own business because working at home would enable him to spend more time with his family.

What motivates Velasquez is giving back. “Why I do what I do is because I want to help my clients,” he explained, noting that it can be a minefield to determine which ERP systems are the most appropriate for them. 

Velasquez is particularly interested in giving back to the Tech Hub ecosystem, which he feels has “helped [him] meet and interact with many different organizations.” He asserted that he would relish the opportunity to help members of the Tech Hub community with their ERP systems. “We would be more than happy to jump in and help advise companies in the Tech Hub community to evaluate any systems,” he said.

Angelus Advisors is poised for growth, according to Velasquez: “I want to 2x or 3x our revenue, and I foresee making one or two more hires.” He also expects to branch out more from Workday, enabling them to better advise medium-sized businesses, as well as the large companies they already serve.