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Joining the Space: A dollar by dollar breakdown

on January 31, 2017 / by Vanessa Calas ,

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Last post, we talked about coworking. What a cowork space is, and the difference between working at a cowork space versus an office, a coffee shop, and at home.

This week, we’re digging a little deeper into the benefits of a cowork space — by getting down into the details and the dollars.

Why Palm Beach Tech?

We’ll start with an overview. What’s so great about Palm Beach Tech Space?

To start, it’s blocks away from great food, awesome coffee, and the incredible outdoor art scene of downtown West Palm Beach. The Palm Beach Tech Space is a 3,500 square-foot industrial space, filled with private and community desks, private offices, a conference room, a lounge area, and a kitchen. Membership for the Space starts at $75 per month for a part-time membership, up to $900 a month for a private office.

Members get perks and discounts like free coffee, beer, snacks, secure wifi, and round-the-clock access. Members also receive discounts at local businesses like Skybike, Delivery Dudes, and Zipcar.

That’s all great, but what does that really translate to? Let’s break down the actual costs and benefits of joining Palm Beach Tech.


Free beer & coffee, by the numbers

Coffee is a coworking staple.

Whether you’re brewing at home, at the office coffee machine, or grabbing a cup at a Starbucks, often work doesn’t really start until you’ve got a cup of joe on your desk. Members of the Palm Beach Tech Space get free coffee, via the single serve coffee makers in the kitchen. There is locally-sourced, whole bean coffee, that you grind and use to make some real fresh coffee.Or, if specialty coffee is more your speed, you can always visit Subculture Coffee, where members get one free item per every 10 purchases.

And how about beer?

Beer has also become more present in the work day. Whether it’s an office happy hour, or simply some shared brews because it’s Friday, beer is finding its place in the workplace. There’s an entire fridge stocked at the Palm Beach Tech Space — and it’s all available to members, all the time. So if you’re a fan of an occasional beer to get the creative juices flowing for work, but don’t want to be that guy who takes his laptop to the bar, you might consider a membership.





office-pbtThe price of an office

Now, we’ll look at a budget for a cowork space and an office.

As mentioned above, membership at Palm Beach Tech starts at $75/month for a part-time membership, up to $900/month for a private office in the Space. Palm Beach Tech offers 3,500 square feet of space, plus a kitchen, different work areas, fast wifi and free printing. And, as a member you get a physical address to use for your business, and to receive m
ail and packages.

For the sake of this blog post, let’s comparatively look at a private office space at the Harvey building (at 225 Datura St.) and a half block away from Palm Beach Tech (at 313 Datura St.). The office is not on the first floor — so there’s no storefront, just like you’d have no storefront at Palm Beach Tech.

At the Harvey building, a 250 square foot office would cost about $550 per month. The lease price includes electricity and janitorial maintenance to the shared area bathroom — but no internet.

Member Benefits

The perks and discounts of a membership

Palm Beach Tech has partnerships with several local services, and are able to pass along discounts to members. These discounts include Skybike, Delivery Dudes, and Zipcar.

Skybike is the local bike sharing service. With 14 locations scattered around downtown, it’s become a great way to get around for both locals and visitors. And though it’s easy to hop on a bike and pay as you go, they offer monthly memberships for $5 off the monthly membership (normal price: $14.95).

Zipcar is a local car sharing service. Zipcars are short-term rentals for cars, because sometimes you need a car but don’t want to go through the trouble of renting one. Members save $25 to signup and $35 for an annual membership fee, just pay for using the car.

Delivery Dudes is a delivery service partnered up with local restaurants. This means that while they won’t bring your Domino’s, they can deliver Mellow Mushroom, Nico’s Pizza, or Hit Pie Pizza straight to the Palm Beach Tech Space, saving members between $5-$7 on the delivery charge. Just tip the driver!

And there you have it! If you’re on the fence about joining Palm Beach Tech because of the expenses, hopefully we have provided some insight to what the costs really look like at the end of the day.
If you’re curious about Palm Beach Tech or have questions, don’t hesitate to come by. We’ll show you around, and let you try our awesome coffee for yourself.

Joining the Space: A dollar by dollar breakdown