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In urgent need of some home improvement supplies? iDrop’s got you covered

on June 10, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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With the South Florida housing market continuing to be one of the most active in the US, home improvement is a big business. It’s also a growing one, with an estimated market value of over $1 trillion globally by 2027.

While home improvement can often involve time consuming, stressful tasks, one South Florida company is working to make it a bit easier.

Meet Melbourne-based startup iDrop, which has developed an on-demand home improvement delivery platform. They just launched a same-day delivery app that enables DIYers and professional contractors to get small to medium-sized products and materials delivered right to their door in as soon as two hours.

The app provides users with a real-time – and really accurate – inventory of their local Lowe’s stores across 16 South Florida locations. With just a few taps, weekend warriors and seasoned pros alike can have just what they need delivered right to their doorstep.

iDrop was founded by professional construction and tech industry veterans who identified a gap in the industry for reliable delivery services.

“At iDrop, we believe that home improvement projects should be completed seamlessly and efficiently,” said co-founder and CEO Josh Wetherington.

Josh Wetherington

“There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting or miscalculating materials like screws, pipes and small tools, and then having to put everything on hold to go pick up one more item,” Wetherington continued. “That’s why we created an app that can get you the materials you need as soon as possible and without interruption.”

So far, iDrop has raised a $900,000 friends and family fundraise. The startup is based out of Groundswell, a community of digital nomads, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Melbourne.

The startup prides itself in guaranteeing fast and frictionless delivery that helps users improve their homes efficiently and effectively. Superusers of the iDrop platform can subscribe to iDrop Unlimited to get free delivery on every order over $50. The service costs $12.95 a month or $98 on a yearly basis.

Once an order is placed, a local iDrop driver (AKA a “Dropper”) is dispatched to pick up the items and bring them to a user’s home within two hours. 

This gig-economy aspect of the platform plays a crucial role in enabling economic development regionally by providing flexible employment opportunities to South Floridians. In an era of rapidly rising inflation and stagnant wages, these extra gigs can help soften the blow of economic uncertainty.

Locating the company in South Florida was a strategic move, Wetherington explained to South Florida Tech Hub. “South Florida’s tech and innovation ecosystems continue to accelerate, and we saw this as the perfect place to build on that momentum and launch iDrop,” he said. “With the area’s real estate market also booming, there’s a high demand for home improvement projects.”

“More people are turning to gig work, specifically in South Florida, and it’s our mission to support the growth of the convenience and local gig economy in every possible way,”  Wetherington continued. “We’re providing the highest quality of services to our users while also offering competitive opportunities for local gig drivers – this is a commitment we have made and will continue to provide as we plan to grow in the coming months.”

Learn more about iDrop by visiting their website, Download the iDrop app by visiting the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.

In urgent need of some home improvement supplies? iDrop’s got you covered