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on September 20, 2021 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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GenoSUR and to Issue Tamper- Proof COVID-19 Test Results using Blockchain

Sharon Holm, COO, Camilo Padron, GenoSUR Head of Business Development, Daniel Uribe, Co-Founder and CEO and GenoSUR have formed a dynamic collaboration to verify COVID-19 test result authenticity to protect against “photoshop” fraud and ensure the safety of residents and visitors in Florida and Latin America.

GenoSUR with diagnostic laboratories based in Miami, Florida and Chile will certify the results of the SARS-CoV2 tests using blockchain technology and cryptographic signatures developed by, headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA with a hub in Miami, Florida. This cryptographic process will make every certificate tamper-proof and can be easily verified on a public blockchain, an open-source platform developed for decentralized applications and interoperable blockchains. “I see blockchain playing a significant role in the future of patient information authentication. Thanks to and Daniel Uribe’s vision, we will have the opportunity to be one of the very few to implement and innovate this technology within the healthcare sector in Miami and beyond,” said Camilo Padron, GenoSUR Head of Business Development.

In essence, the collaboration creates tamperproof “COVID-19 Proof of Negative Test Certifications” that can be verified internationally and by authorities at points of entry (airports, maritime, employees and workplace, schools, universities & colleges, educational and technical institutions, the hospitality industry, etc.) via QR Code, without requiring additional personal data of patients or those responsible for their healthcare. 

Daniel Uribe, Co-Founder & CEO

By ensuring authenticity with this blockchain, this consortium will be protecting international and local travelers’ health, and their healthcare data’s privacy. This protection can also be extended when testing residents and related workers in any sector of Miami, Florida, the State itself, Latin America, and the rest of the world. “We’re very honored to be accepted by GenoSUR leaders, Matias Gutierrez and Camilo Padron as their strategic partners to develop privacy-preserving and tamperproof solutions based on blockchain for ethical laboratories like GenoSUR,” said Daniel Uribe, Co-Founder and CEO.

The test data is stamped on the blockchain in a “Zero-Copy” mode. This means that does not retain any of the certificates nor personal data. The “COVID-19 Proof of Negative Test Certification” is owned by the individual and it is aligned with best-in-class digital self-sovereignty practices that favor privacy above all else.


The solution developed by will allow:

  1. Traceability to the “Kit” used to perform the SARS-CoV-2 detection test.
  2. Generation of a unique digital signature with blockchain technology to the accredited and vetted Healthcare Professional/Lab Director to perform the test, which can be verified globally.
  3. Issuance of an immutable time stamp, which gives certainty about the validity period of the test — three days — without risk of falsification (Digital Time Bomb if requested).
  4. Protection of donor/passenger/worker right to digital privacy, since’s platform allows the lab results document certification without exchanging personal data (“Zero-Copy” mode).
  5. Once the “COVID-19 Proof of Negative Test Certification” has fulfilled its mission, users/patients can exercise their “right to privacy and anonymity” (or similar), through their privacy rights (or GDPR in Europe, etc.).


About leverages blockchain technology (BioNFTs) to help donors establish ownership and control over their biosamples and genomic data. is the only option with three pending patents over their unique, decentralized lab data management platforms designed to protect multi-omics data and the donors’ identity. In addition, is also fast becoming a data rights platform for botany (for example, premium coffee owners who want to protect and prove the DNA lineage of their plants) and animals (for example, Holstein cattle breeders interested in the same, protection and proof). The company licenses its technology to research and commercial entities (laboratories, biobanks, research institutions, biosample kit manufacturers, universities and colleges, educational and technical institutions, and enterprise healthcare in corporations) enabling them to comply with data protection and privacy laws with full transparency toward the donors (data subjects). For more information, visit:


About GenoSUR 

GenoSUR is a full service COVID19 PCR test sample collection provider and laboratory located in Miami, Florida and Santiago, Chile. GenoSUR specializes in providing its own patented PCR test sampling kits to clinics, labs, and testing centers, plus, includes 4-hour turn-around result times at its CLIA laboratory facility. In addition, the company also provides their clients advanced cloud-based software to facilitate the flow of patient management, scheduling, and reporting to the State. In addition, GenoSUR offers their service to all types of local, statewide, and national, and global businesses so that staff or employees can receive safe and quick test results. Businesses include Hospitality, Logistics, Airlines, State/County Departments and Private Corporations. GenoSUR processes daily sample analysis with capacity to process up to 2000 samples per day. GenoSUR has been recognized by the Miami-Dade Beacon Council and awarded the key to Miami-Dade County by Mayor Carlos Gimenez for its contribution to the county for its innovative solution to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information visit: Parters To Issue Tamper-Proof COVID-19 Test Results using Blockchain