Jun 11, 2024

FirmPilot closes $7M to empower law firms and SMBs with AI-driven marketing


FirmPilot, the AI marketing engine for law firms, announced it has closed $7M in funding to help services-based SMBs increase revenues with AI-driven digital marketing.

FirmPilot’s patent-pending AI Legal Marketing Execution Engine® provides companies with a modern way to grow their firm with strategies built entirely on data and intelligence. The company is backed by leading investors such as Blumberg Capital, Valor Ventures, SaaS Ventures, FJ Labs, and Connexa Capital.

Blumberg Capital, an early investor in marketing-tech leaders such as Braze (Nasdaq: BRZE) and DoubleVerify (NYSE: DV), led FirmPilot’s latest Series A round, with participation from new and existing investors Valor Ventures, SaaS Ventures, FJ Labs, and Connexa Capital. The company raised Seed funding in 2023.

Founded by marketing and AI veterans, FirmPilot uses AI to empower services-based SMBs like law firms with a modern way to efficiently and effectively increase their online visibility and direct inbound interest from prospective clients. Every hour, more than 1,000 people in the U.S. search online for legal help, and 75% of people searching online don’t scroll past the first page of results. Law firms, as well as other services-based SMBs such as dentists, plumbers, electricians, veterinarians, and chiropractors, rely on online search and other digital marketing channels as their primary source of customer acquisition. For the 425K law firms in the US, legacy practices of retaining traditional marketing agencies or manually managing marketing channels are often costly, low ROI and not built for busy, non-marketing professionals.

John Romano, partner at Romano Law Group

“A personal Injury firm without marketing-muscle will cease to grow and exist. AI is here and it is essential to law firms, especially in the area of marketing,” said John Romano, partner at Romano Law Group and respected law industry lecturer and author. “Our work with FirmPilot has demonstrated ‘wow-level’ results.”

FirmPilot’s patent-pending AI marketing engine analyzes FirmPilot customers’ competitive landscapes and market trends online to identify tactics that have the best probability of ranking them above competitors in Google search results, ads, and social media. The engine is built on proprietary technology learning from a comprehensive database of more than 3,000+ legal cases. The engine has analyzed more than 5,000,000 pieces of content used by law firms and embedded over 100+ law marketing strategies. With a growing and evolving set of data, the FirmPilot AI marketing engine continues to learn, train and improve its algorithms in high-demand consumer law areas such as personal injury, workers’ compensation, family (divorce, custody), immigration and medical malpractice.

Jacob Katz, principal at Blumberg Capital and FirmPilot board member

“FirmPilot’s early traction and strong customer retention underscores the growing opportunity for AI as a marketing and revenue-generating tool for SMBs,” said Jacob Katz, principal at Blumberg Capital and FirmPilot board member. “Law firms now have access to sophisticated and easy-to-use marketing tools that create tangible value for both their business and clients. We believe FirmPilot has the team and technology to transform marketing for law firms and SMBs across a number of service industries.”

Dozens of modern law firms across the U.S. are taking a technology-forward approach to marketing with FirmPilot to:

  • Grow their firm and clientbase based on data and intelligence: FirmPilot has generated 12,000+ leads for its customers in the last 12 months – 200% more leads on average. AI identifies what customers’ ideal clients are searching for, how to outrank competitors and automatically creates high-quality marketing content. Traditional agencies often create content that looks nice, but is not seen by potential clients.
  • Access real-time and accurate marketing performance versus competitors: Busy law firm professionals get real-time access to marketing metrics and performance versus competitors, leaving behind traditional agency reports with vanity metrics that are often inaccurate.
  • Reduce marketing costs with higher ROI from AI that outperforms old-school methods: Customers are saving 50-70% on marketing by switching from marketing agencies to FirmPilot.

Jake Soffer, founder and CEO of FirmPilot

“AI will continue to transform legal operations and, like many industries, early adopters will have a massive advantage,” said Jake Soffer, founder and CEO of FirmPilot. “Law firms and other services-based SMBs who make the transition toward AI-driven marketing, and away from traditional marketing agency support, will have an advantage, as well as the transparency, efficiency and ROI needed to grow revenues and deliver more value to more customers.”

For more information on FirmPilot, visit www.firmpilot.com