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EASYMETERING Unveils Industry’s First Smart Meter Certified for Private LTE with Anterix 900 MHz Spectrum

on April 1, 2024 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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EASYMETERINGEASYMETERING  announces a ground-breaking achievement in utility management with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) approval of their Smart NIC (Network Interface Card) for the Smart Meter I-210+c utilizing the radio chipset ME910G1-WW.

This is the first smart meter certified for electric utilities in smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI 2.0) based on Private LTE with Anterix’s 900 MHz spectrum. Anterix is the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the United States and delivers the transformative broadband needed to enable grid modernization.

EASYMETERINGS’s Smart NIC is a multi-interface wireless technology that enhances advanced electronic power meters to become a new generation of grid devices supporting AMI 2.0 and the increasing bandwidth requirements for a more efficient, reliable, and secure energy distribution system.

Byron Rojas

“This FCC approval marks a significant milestone not only for EASYMETERING but for the entire utility industry,” said Byron Rojas, CEO of EASYMETERING.

“Our smart meter’s compatibility with Private LTE, supporting Anterix 900 MHz nationwide spectrum, is a first in our industry. It represents a major step in our mission to enhance utility infrastructure with smart, secure, and resilient solutions. We are paving the way for utilities to adopt next-generation smart meters that promise to transform energy distribution and management.”

EASYMETERING’s technology can operate on multiple LTE frequency bands — 2, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 25, 26, 66 —, and offers simultaneous operation of Wi-Fi and BLE wireless interfaces within the same device.

The Smart NIC wireless technology supports Anterix’s 900 MHz spectrum leveraging the full benefits of Private LTE networks. This ensures enhanced connectivity and reliability for critical utility communications, setting a new standard for smart grid technology.

Stephen Ryan

“Anterix’s collaboration with EASYMETERING on this pioneering smart meter for private wireless networks underscores our shared commitment to innovation and infrastructure modernization,” said Stephen Ryan, Vice President of Ecosystem and Partnerships at Anterix.

“The FCC’s approval of new devices supporting private wireless broadband highlights the potential of Anterix 900 MHz spectrum for grid modernization efforts. We are thankful to EASYMETERING for recognizing the value of private wireless networks in offering scale and reliability for next-generation meters.”

EASYMETERING’s Smart NIC wireless technology, coupled with the I-210+c, is an intelligent device with broadband capabilities enabling real-time data for improved operational efficiency, customer engagement, and sustainability efforts. Its deployment on 900MHz Private LTE networks marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of smart grids, ensuring that utilities can benefit from unparalleled network performance and security.

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EASYMETERING Unveils Industry’s First Smart Meter Certified for Private LTE with Anterix 900 MHz Spectrum