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Connecting Dots: Helping People Find Jobs, Helping Jobs find People

on May 31, 2016 / by Adam Ross ,

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Connecting Dots: Helping People Find Jobs, Helping Jobs find People

Part of membership within The Palm Beach Tech Association is community advocacy; helping connect the technology dots throughout Palm Beach County.

Everyday at Palm Beach Tech we help great companies and awesome people who are working hard to build our tech industry. It’s our honor to build this community and we sure love doing it.

In part, we strive to help talented people find talented companies, and talented companies find talented people. These are not unique situations in the very least, but here are a few examples:


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjpAAAAJGEwYjdiYmRiLWZhNWMtNGZlNi1iMzMxLWJhMTkzZmY5YTE4Mw“Joe Russo was kind enough to introduce us to a gentlemen named Adrian who had been interning at a local hospital without pay. He moved to Florida from Cuba about 3 years prior and had previously done IT there.

We were able to bring him on as a paid intern and he is doing great! Our businesses live and die on great relationships, and Joe bringing Adrian to us not only helps VXIT in a time of need, but Adrian is now in a better spot with a paid internship instead of a non-paid internship.”

– Paul Veddar, Managing Partner VXIT



“We are pretty selective of the people that join MyTaskit – they go through multiple interviews before even becoming a final candidate.

Joe Russo and the Palm Beach Tech Association introduced a candidate to us for a Senior UX/UI position. One of the best candidates we have hired this year and flew through our process with flying colors.”

-Kevin Hutchinson, Co-Founder & CEO of MyTaskit


What’s More

It is Palm Beach Tech’s mission to cultivate a community centered around the technology industry. Along with our Career Board, we take extra steps to find good fits for companies and people.

Connecting Dots: Helping People Find Jobs, Helping Jobs find People