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CEO Update | Celebrating 5 Years

on July 13, 2020 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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We’re celebrating 5 Years

I’ve dedicated 5 years of my life to build a tech community we could all be proud of.

On Wednesday, January 29th we’ll celebrate our milestones, the growth of our tech community, and reveal what’s to come. If you are reading this, we want you (virtually) there!

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Let’s work together.

Roughly a year ago, the Sun Sentinel published my op-ed on the importance of joining forces and merging our tech industry efforts for the benefit our Tech Community.

South Florida tech businesses need to join forces to compete globally | Opinion

“Unless we can band together in one holistic regional effort, and tackle our challenges together as one, we will continue to lose pace globally. But work together today, and we can bring more jobs, talent, and opportunity for our next generation tomorrow. It’s not Palm Beach, versus Fort Lauderdale, versus Miami; it’s South Florida versus the world.”

I’ve asked our Board & Team to work collaboratively to seek partnerships through 2020. That said, if you’re reading this and have ideas or opportunities to work together on, email me directly to


In Service,

Joseph R. Russo
President & CEO, Palm Beach Tech


Here are our highlights of what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks. We have an amazing team that’s been working passionately through these last few months to bring more resources online for our community.


LinkedIn Group | Click Here to Apply

Thanks to David Scott and ADT Cybersecurity, we’re proud to unveil our new 2,000+ member LinkedIn Group for our South Florida Tech Community



401k Program | Click Here to View

Thanks to our friends at TECNA and the Washington Technology Industry Association, we’re excited to partner with the 401(k) Tech Collective! This program specifically for tech companies can help our members provide employee benefits with lower costs.


South Florida Tech Shirt | Click Here to View

We’re going retro! Our friends Cyan Shores screen printing took a 5-year-old Palm Beach Tech logo concept and made it into this awesome shirt! #SouthFloridaTech


CEO Update | Celebrating 5 Years