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April’s Think Tank Thursday in Miami was a bit different this April

on May 16, 2022 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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The Lab Miami has been hosting their Think Tank Thursday events on the third Thursday each month for the Miami tech, startup ad investment community. The monthly event attracts upwards of 150 people each month.

During April’s “SoFloTech Month,” the well-known Think Tank Thursday took a bit of a turn. . . a positive turn. . .  north. 

In the wake of the #MiamiTech movement, #SoFloTechMonth emerged in an effort to highlight events across the entire South Florida region from Miami to Broward to Palm Beach and Martin County. Tech Hub CEO, Nikki Cabus, opened up a discussion that included topics such as tech talent, resources for startups and small businesses, and affordable housing.

There were many Miamians, along with new folks from California, New York, Latin America, and even Hungary, to name just a few. This though, is quite the norm for South Florida.

One recent implant to South Florida from Silicon Valley stated that he is loving the excitement around the tech community, but already sees some of the same issues the Valley has beginning here such as a less diverse crowd being brought in and costs of housing rising drastically. The influx of both financial and human capital was also brought up and the dilemma to which is more important or should be focused on as a priority. Do we focus on talent or funding? Both are often equally important, but one is more of a long game – talent.

The panel included, Mihai Fonoage, VP of Engineering at Modernizing Medicine, Chair of Tech Hub’s Tech Talent Committee and Executive Board Member, Kelly Boyle, Tech Hub Board Member, Chair of Events Committee, and Willy Orozco, South Florida Regional Manager at Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS Program, President CSTA Miami, and Tech Hub Foundation Board Member. They all agreed that human capital can often be more important and make all the difference in the long-run.

Roxette Miranda and Isabella Silverio

“I started Think Tank Thursdays as a way to bring siloed communities together for one night once a month in order for leaders and attendees comingle with groups in hopes to bring awareness to all the great resources South Florida has to offer,” said Roxette Miranda, The Lab Miami’s Managing Director. “All these organizations have one goal and that is to help grow the Tech ecosystem in South Florida.”

The common agreement of the night was collaboration and regionalism in South Florida. We have to come together to make this recent growth of South Florida’s tech ecosystem sustainable. We can support each other, learn from each other, and work together.

After the panel discussion and Q&A, we heard from local startups during the pitch night, followed by a happy hour and fun headshots for all to enjoy!

See some of the photos here. 📸

April’s Think Tank Thursday in Miami was a bit different this April