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Alta Planning: A Coworking Space Success Story

on July 26, 2017 / by Vanessa Calas ,

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Here in Downtown West Palm Beach we have a vibrant community of entrepreneurs looking to make their mark not only on Palm Beach County, but on the world at large. Coworking communities like ours support the growth of start ups through collaboration and continuing education, and provide resources to budding satellite offices for more established organizations.

Alta Planning + Design, a design firm based out of Portland, Oregon, learned this when they were looking to get their Florida office off the ground. With the help of Palm Beach Tech Space, they established a firm presence in the West Palm Beach area.

Here’s their story, and how Palm Beach Tech has helped.

Who is Alta Planning

Alta Planning believes in making urban spaces more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Their transportation planning and design efforts have spanned dozens of US cities, with over 30 offices and 200 employees. They work toward what they call “complete streets,” by creating spaces for pedestrians and bikers in existing streets, and on more elaborate walking and biking projects. At the end of the day, their primary goal is to turn bustling cities into safer and more accessible cultural hubs.

In the Palm Beach Tech Space, let’s meet Brad Davis and Brian Ruscher. Brad had opened Alta’s Atlanta office several years ago before moving back to the Palm Beaches, where he grew up. He and Brian, a recruit out of Florida State University, set to work starting up Alta’s office in West Palm Beach. Things moved quickly as they soon won a contract with the City of West Palm Beach, planning strategies for improving mobility and quality of life downtown.

They had their hearts set on West Palm Beach, a downtown that with its SkyBike program and the upcoming Brightline train, exemplified the morals and mission of Alta Planning.

Enter Palm Beach Tech

Thanks to Palm Beach Tech, Brad and Brian were able to get office space quickly. The Space gave them the flexibility and affordability they needed to hit the ground running. The Space is conveniently located downtown, so Brad and Brian can get around the city and take advantage of community support, amenities, and activities.

Palm Beach Tech provides the Alta team with varied opportunities to connect with other businesses in the area. They have networked with others involved with the larger West Palm Beach community, which has provided them with insight into the interests and needs of the people they were working to serve. The exposure to other businesses and individuals through Palm Beach Tech has been an effective way to keep their finger on the proverbial pulse of West Palm Beach.


 Consider Coworking

Whether you’re a brand-new startup or a remote office, a coworking space will give you the tools and flexibility you need to get started. The convenient location and networking opportunities of Palm Beach Tech make it an ideal spot for anyone looking to get involved and get their business off the ground.


Alta Planning: A Coworking Space Success Story