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4Geeks Academy and Boca Code announce merger and plans to expand tech education in Florida

on September 26, 2023 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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4Geeks Academy, a leading coding bootcamp in Miami, is thrilled to announce its merging with Boca Code, a respected coding school in Boca Raton.

Marcelo Ricigliano

South Florida Tech Hub sat down with 4Geeks Founders, Marcelo Ricigliano and Alejandro Sanchez, and Boca Code Founder, Todd Albert, to discuss this newly formed relationship.

4Geeks Co-Founder, Marcelo Ricigliano, opened the conversation by stating that “Boca Code is a respected and engaging coding school that I had been following for the last few years. The first time I met Todd I let him know he was doing a great job for technical education in Boca Raton and South Florida. This is a great day for everyone involved!”

This strategic merger marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both institutions and promises to enhance the landscape of technology education in the state. With their international headquarters already based in Miami and another Florida location in Orlando, Boca Raton will become the third location in the Florida for 4Geeks Academy.

Marcelo shared that he and Alejandro have dreamed of making 4Geeks a reference in Florida for those wanting to change careers into technology.

Under this new alliance, Boca Code students and alumni will now become part of the 4Geeks family. Prospective learners and the broader community interested in coding education will gain additional access to a wider array of educational resources, courses, and career opportunities. By joining forces, 4Geeks Academy and Boca Code aim to better serve the rapidly growing tech community across the state. 

Boca Code students volunteer at SoFlo DevCon 2023

“Internally, we always talked great things about Boca Code’s results and approach,” Marcelo admits. “This merger aligns with our mission of making quality coding education accessible to all and will enable us to provide even more comprehensive, industry-relevant training to our students.”

Boca Code students are heavily involved in the community through organizations such as South Florida Tech Hub, attending and volunteering for Hackathons, conferences and supporting local entrepreneurs such as with the pitch scoring app they built for last year’s Ignite Florida Startup Summit. Although based in Boca Raton, Boca Code students attend meetups and networking events across the region from Miami-Dade to Indian River.

Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro Sanchez, Co-Founder of 4Geeks added, “The job that Todd has done was always followed by us. We really like everything he was doing at Boca Code. It’s really exciting to do this and welcome everyone to 4Geeks Academy. I’m sure it will be an extraordinary experience.” 

He continued, “The Boca Code curriculum is very thorough and are still digesting it. My first reaction when seeing it, was to keep it. We want to take the best from both schools offering students additional options as well as ensure the best possible educational content.”

4Geeks currently offers a more concentrated curriculum around mobile web development with courses in Full Stack Coding Bootcamp, Data Science and ML, and Blockchain and Web3 while Boca Code code curriculum is a little more broad offering courses such as Software Engineering Career Track, Data Analytics and Python, AR / VR and Game Development, Intro to Web Development, Intro to JavaScript and Node.js, and React.

4Geeks is known for offering a unique value, (quality + methodology + financing options + price) aimed to scale among the best coding bootcamps in the state and this will certainly keep them on track to achieving that goal. During the transition phase, Todd Albert, Founder of Boca Code is expected to continue teaching some of the classes.

Todd Albert

Boca Code founder Todd Albert added, “Partnering with 4Geeks is a great deal for us. Their team, credibility and experience will drive our community to great standards and outcomes; also, they align well with what we’ve been working to build at Boca Code. I’m happy to be a part of this journey and ready for new challenges to come.” 

Todd is currently the Bootcamps Sub-Committee Chair of the Tech Talent Committee pulling together industry, higher education, bootcamps across the region. 4Geeks is also a part of the Miami Talent Coalition supporting the expansion of tech education connections in Miami. With the merger, Alissa Landra, Campus Manager at 4Geeks will be joining Todd as the South Florida Tech Hub Bootcamps Sub-Committee Co-Chair, helping further connect Miami efforts to the entire region.

Alissa shared that, “Across the United States, 4Geeks has graduated more than 70 cohorts, more than 2,000 graduates, and 35% of those graduates are women. We want to push more women to take our program!” This sentiment is shared across both organizations who have worked with other partners and nonprofits to aid in access and financial assistance to their programs creating more diversity in the tech landscape.

Alissa Landra

4Geeks Academy and Boca Code share a commitment to providing top-tier coding education as well as making this education accessible to underserved and underrepresented groups of people in the community. 4Geeks has worked with organizations such as United Way Miami and Miami Dade College to offer education to those who may not have access otherwise. Boca Code has built a long-standing relationship with TechStrong Group, a Boca Raton-based media and events company, who provide scholarships to students through the “Engineer the Change” program. 

4Geeks students

This merger brings together the expertise and resources of both organizations, resulting in improved learning materials and support for students. Students will gain access to a wider range of coding languages, technologies, industry-focused courses, and even scholarships and financial support. Graduates will also benefit from an expanded professional network, providing more opportunities for career growth across the South Florida region. 

For more information about the merger or to inquire about enrollment opportunities, please visit  or contact (786) 416-6640.

4Geeks Academy and Boca Code announce merger and plans to expand tech education in Florida